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Winch Rope   Synthetic

Product merchan:Auto Parts Warehouse

Product brand:Smittybilt

Original Price:$257.99/us

SMITTYBILT – XRC SYNTHETIC WINCH ROPE Get your Jeep ready for your next trail ride by upgrading your winch rope for more effective recovery experiences. With the Smittybilt synthetic winch rope, which offers many winching advantages over traditional winch ropes, there is simply no reason to not upgrade your winch rope. Known as the inventors of the original ‘nerf bar’ and tubular bumpers for Jeeps, Smittybilt is a company steeped in off-road achievements and award-winning aftermarket accessories. Floats during water recoveries Engineered to have no kinks and curls during winching UV-resistant material Made by one of the off-road industry’s most trusted brands with over 50 years of experience Much lighter and stronger than traditional winch rope

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