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Winch Cable Guide   Universal

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Product brand:Daystar

Original Price:$29.99/us

DAYSTAR – POLYURETHANE WINCH CABLE GUIDES Getting annoyed by the sound of your winch hook rattling around? Cure that problem by installing a Daystar Polyurethane Winch Cable Guide, which will secure the winch hook when it is not being used. Daystar is one of the pioneering manufacturers of polyurethane suspension components for both automotive and motorcycle markets with over 35 years of specialized experience. Thanks to Daystar’s pioneering spirit, precise engineering and focus on made in USA quality, installing durable Daystar suspension components and off-road parts on your vehicle is a no-brainer. Quality certified ISO 9001 Quality manufactured in USA Simple installation Accepts no compromise between affordability, reliability and vehicle performance Manufactured from long-lasting solid polyurethane for a worry-free experience Resists road grime, oil, mud, dust and dirt Keeps winch hook secure when not in use

I feel pleased with Daystar KU70046BK Winch Cable Guide - Universal. It is a great product that can make people feel comfort and delighted to use it as well. The one reason people willing to use this product is trusted, functionally, simple to discover, not dangerous effect for the user, basic maintenance, simple to clean and it is really comfy. In general, this product is high advised for individuals who look for comfort, eco-friendly and low-cost support.
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