Warn Winch 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100 ft. 3/8" 100 ft. supply great functions that help you to utilize and clean it simpler. It looks excellent for various jobs with numerous functions. This product does not need regular cleaning and upkeep. It is safe and outstanding product for individual, little and large group of individuals. You will get it truly efficient, simple maintenance and established. Lots of people feel pleased to utilize it without grievance. This product has actually authorized can conserve much money on shopping journey. Everybody can utilize it with easy standards. People can enjoy and comfort to utilize it. It works terrific product for convenience and safety product. Warn Winch 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100 ft. 3/8" 100 ft. pay attention for performance, size, models and design. It is unbelievable product inexpensive cost, outstanding efficiency, and maintenance. This product is working functionally in addition to marketed before.
87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope 3

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Breaking Strength (LB): 10000 Pounds; Length (FT): 100 Feet; Diameter (IN): 3/8 Inch; End Type: Swivel Hook On End; Material: Polyethylene 100 Feet Of 3/8 Inch Diameter Synthetic RopeConstructed Of A Unique Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene MaterialDelivers High Abrasion Resistance And Excellent Tensile StrengthCoated With Black Urethane For Increased UV And Chemical ResistanceIncludes A High Temperature Resistant Sleeve On The First Layer, And A Unique Self-Tightening Rope Attachment Designed To Hold The Rope Secure On The Winch DrumA Ballistic Nylon Sliding Sleeve Provides Extra Protection Against Abrasion And WearFor Winches With 10,000 Pounds. Pull Rating Or LessLimited 1 Year Warranty

Warn Winch 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope 3/8" x 100 ft. 3/8" 100 ft. is very outstanding and ideal gadgets for human lifestyle. With clean surface area and matched color make this product is really reliable and healthy environment. It is a perfect product in different seasons for individual, small and huge group of households.
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